Web Resources Meets 21st Century Learning

I’ve used WordPress in a lot of different ways in my classroom, including live blogs, two-way intercommunications, travel journals, and multimedia presentations. It’s a great tool to use to communicate with parents/families as well. I highly recommend it!

For my Web Resources activity this week, I found a really intriguing site that has compiled 11 different elite educational professionals’ opinions about what 21st century learning Is, Isn’t, and Looks Like in the modern-day classroom. I’ve pasted the link here:


  1. I know this site is credible and valuable because it is an online educational journal that publishes up-and-coming articles on a weekly basis about varying topics of education. It’s a  .org  site as well, which sets it apart as a trustworthy group site.
  2. I think that what’s most impactful in this article is that we’re presented with 11 very different yet interconnected perspectives on what exactly 21st century learning means. It’s reassuring to read these points-of-view and see that, while no two are remotely the same, one can still connect the dots and see the big picture between them. One individual’s perspective cannot and does not encompass the entire meaning; rather, it requires ALL contributors for 21st century learning to be defined (kind of incorporates the Collaboration and Communication pieces).
  3. I feel that this article opens up the floor for conversations to happen about what learning DOES look like here in 2016, as well as what it SHOULD and SHOULDN’T look like for the 21st Century teacher/student. It offers a platform through which dialogue, collaboration, and creative critical thinking can happen. These, in turn, will influence the choices we’re making daily in our classrooms, on our teams, within our departments, and as schools and systems. There is no single solution, no end-all, be-all fixer. BALANCE is essential–of resources, tools, approaches, and activities.

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